Electronic Engineering has played a very vital role in modern industrial and human development since decades that is why it is growing field with the passage of every passing time. Continuous advancement in Electronic Engineering in terms of fabrication processes including material, devices , circuit and control has lead it to have significant importance in emerging technologies for its use in all major industrial applications. Thus has as a strong share in the market, which needs such quality programs to be initiated regarding educating the youth of society to create highly skilled individuals in this important and most challenging discipline of engineering at both the undergraduate as well as post graduate levels.

Electronic Engineering has revolutionized the standard of mankind, living style and industrial growth using modern electronics and microprocessor technology, therefore its significance cannot be denied. The Department of Electronic Engineering offers quality degree program
at undergraduate level i.e. B.E (Electronic Engineering) The focus of this program is to produce sound technical manpower to further strengthen planning, designing of innovative projects in this particular area. The students during the entire degree program will learn different subjects on diversified field including Microprocessors & Microcontrollers, Interfacing techniques, Automation & Robotics, Analog & Digital communication, wired & wireless Communication, Signal Processing, Industrial Electronics, Neural Networks, Instrumentation & Control, Embedded System, Sequential Circuit Design, Laser & Fiber Optics, Microwave & Electromagnetic waves, Radiating System, and Computer Communication & Networking etc.

The department initially offers undergraduate program. The courses of the program have been drawn from the curriculum guidelines of HEC/PEC and duly approved by the Academic Council of the university.